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For National Men’s Health Month, Here’s our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adam Aponte!

Posted on: 06/17/22

Here is Boriken’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Adam Aponte!Providing information on National Men’s Health Month andthe importance of keeping your health in check. Watch the video to learn more on […]

Boriken Neighborhood Health Center Hosts an On-Site Event!

Posted on: 06/17/22

On Thursday, June 16 Boriken hosted an On-Site Event. We were able to do Hepatitis-C & HIV Testing for those that were interested. As well, we had Harlem Village Academies […]

Boriken Neighborhood Health Center Attends The Senior Nutrition Program’s Puerto Rican Day Parade Celebration!

Posted on: 06/15/22

On June 9th, Boriken attended the Puerto Rican Day Parade Celebration hosted by the Senior Nutrition Program! We were able to hand out information on many of our services,giveaways & COVID-19 […]

Boriken Neighborhood Health Center Attends The 116th St Festival!

Posted on: 06/14/22

On Saturday, June 11 Boriken attended the 116th St Festival! Located on 3rd Avenue there were tons of people that came in to continue celebrating a weekend of Puerto Rican […]

East Harlem Council for Human Services Attends The Puerto Rican Day Parade!

Posted on: 06/14/22

On Sunday, June 12 EHCHS (Boriken Neighborhood Health Center, Bilingual Head Start, & The Senior Nutrition Program) attended the Puerto Rican Day Parade! Going from 48th St to 78th St, […]

EHCHS’ Bilingual Head Start Celebrates Their 57th Birthday!

Posted on: 06/9/22

On 6/1/2022, the East Harlem Council for Human Services’ Bilingual Head Start Program, celebrated their 57th Birthday! Hosted at both locations, students & families from Head Start came out to […]

Boriken Neighborhood Health Center Attends Art in the Park!

Posted on: 06/7/22

Here’s Boriken attending Art in the Park on 128th St & Lexington Ave! With a number of other companies in attendance, and tons of activities for people to do, Boriken […]

June is Men’s Health Month!

Posted on: 06/1/22

This month is Men’s Health Month! Aiming to encourage boys and men to take charge of their overall health by implementing healthy living decisions.

June is Pride Month!

Posted on: 06/1/22

June is Pride Month! A time to remember history, celebrate how far we’ve come in advancing the rights of LGBTQ+ people, but also to recharge our efforts to continue the […]

June is Cataracts Awareness Month!

Posted on: 06/1/22

June is Cataract Awareness Month! Call us to set up an appointment with our Optometrist today, 212-289-6650