Employee Appreciation Day


‘Hip-Hop 50’ Annual Staff Holiday Party

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Boriken’s Wear Pink Day for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Boriken’s Board of Director Dinner with Boriken Staff

On Thursday, July 20th, Boriken’s Board of Directors held a dinner for Boriken’s Chiefs, Directors, & Providers! A dinner for the staff for all the hard work they’ve done.

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Boriken Neighborhood Health Center Attends The National Puerto Rican Day Parade!

On June 11th, Boriken attended the National PR Day Parade! Boriken was given the opportunity for the 2nd year to march through the PR Parade! It was definitely one to remember & we can’t wait for the one next year.

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Staff Day & Cruise

In June, Boriken decided to give the staff a well-earned Staff Day & Cruise for all their hard work to helping the community. Below are some photos of the festivities, as well the unveiling of our new Core Values Logo! Thank you Boriken staff for all that you do!

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Join Boriken in Stopping the 340b Carve Out!

As April gets closer, we ask for all of you to join us to support the stop of the 340b Carve Out on April 1st! The 340b Program not only helps organizations, it also saves jobs for many. Including Boriken. Watch the video to learn more.

Cure Tuesday Talks Featuring Boriken’s CMO, Dr. Adam Aponte!

February 7th, Boriken’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Adam Aponte paid a visit to Cure, a organization aiming to lead other companies to from across the world to come together to uncover cutting-edge solutions for those in need, for their Tuesday Talks! Dr. Aponte shared his hands-on experience and innovations as he works with government, community leaders, patient groups, the healthcare industry, and entrepreneurs to encourage fresh thinking in support of bringing equity to biomedicine and healthcare.

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Employee ‘Glow in the Dark’ Dinner & Party

To celebrate all the hard work done by our staff, EHCHS hosts their Employee Dinner + Party. And this year’s Employee Party was brought in with a different experience. A Glow-in-the-Dark Party! Everything from the dance floor to even the plates & utensils were glow in the dark. We also had some big announcements including Employees of the Year based on our new core values. Those include: Communication, Accountability, Teamwork, Empathy, & Respect or (CATER).

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Halloween Costume Contest!

For Halloween this year, Boriken hosted their Halloween Costume Contest! Staff members got dressed up in their favorite costumes to compete & see who would take first place!

Congratulations to our winner! Who came in dressed as