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For more than five decades, the East Harlem Council for Human Services, Inc. Bilingual Head Start, also known as “La Escuelita”, has been diligently offering quality services to children and families in the community of East Harlem NY, better known as El Barrio. Our school not only offers quality education to 3- and 4-year-olds attending the 3-K and Pre-K programs, but also extends a helping hand to families who need support and resources to improve the quality of their lives. The families that walk through our doors grow, excel and achieve their goals with the guidance and resources provided by our program and its group of professional staff. The Bilingual Head Start is genuinely committed to the children we serve and to our community, always welcoming cultural diversity and embraces the values, culture and traditions of all the families.

All families that meet the eligibility requirements enjoy the following year-round benefits at no cost:
12-Month Program Full-day Education
Dual Language Education in English and Spanish
Performing Arts
Educational Trips
Cultural Presentations
Dental and Visual Screenings
Literacy through Culture Programs
Nutritionist Service on Site
Mental Health Consultant on Site
Healthy Nutritious Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack
Health and Wellness Workshops and Activities
Nutrition Classes for Parents
Cool Culture Family Pass with Museum Access at No Cost to all Families
Family Support Services
English as a Second Language Classes ESL and Conversational English
Parenting Classes and Support Groups
Learning Development for Parents through Learn with Us Workshops
To learn more about our Program visit us at our two convenient locations:
440 E 116 th Street New York NY 10029 and 30 E 111 th Street New York NY 10029
You can also visit our website at
or call us at (212)-427-9010 (212)-860-7201
Email us at

Bilingual Head Start follows all safety protocols and continues to offer services to the community. We
currently offer three learning models; In-Person Learning, Blended Learning, and Remote Learning.